Health insurance and misconceptions

Health insurance isn't such a complex concept as some people may think. It goes really simple: you pay a stipulated premium and in return your medical services get paid for by the insurance company. Sure, there's more to it than just this simple concept with multiple options and hidden details, and that's exactly where most people tend to get confused. As we know, confusion leads to misconception and that's definitely not the best thing you can get about such a thing as health insurance. So, in order to make life easier for you, here the most common health insurance misconceptions and the truth behind them.

People with health issues can't get affordable coverage

At first glance it's partially true since people who are sick usually face higher insurance rates under standard health insurance plans. However, if you shop around or choose to purchase a policy that includes pre-existing conditions you can actually find affordable rates. Insurance companies deal with risks and if the risk of having an illness in a person is low they will get lower rates no matter whether they had a condition or not in the past.

Social health insurance is offered by the government

There's a solid line between social and government sponsored health insurance, even if it may seem like the same thing. There are special government-sponsored health insurance programs like the Medicare and Medicaid, however in particular situations the government can provide funds for usual individual health insurance plans offered by private companies. There are also many hybrid versions available for different social groups.

Emergency rooms are too costly

This is a common belief that people without health insurance have. Since it's usually the main option for those uninsured to receive care in case of emergency they tend to think that if everyone had health insurance the prices for emergency services would go down. However, it was observed that people who have health insurance tend to receive health services more often and this in the end would stimulate the prices in the emergency rooms to go up.

High quality health care is available only under costly plans

It's a very common misconception that a lot of people seem to share. The truth is that the quality of health care services doesn't depend on how much you pay for your health insurance plan but rather on the particular institution and specialist you receive care from. If it's a good clinic or doctor then you'll get good services no matter how much you pay for your health insurance plan.